Storage systems

If too much capital is held in the warehouse in the form of stock, it is difficult for a company to earn money - the essence of the experience of production and retail operations. However, there are a number of possibilities for storing goods in an economical manner, whilst also attaining high throughput quotas.

Be it a transfer depot, stock storage or distribution warehouse - optimal storage of goods, unpackaged or packaged in boxes, pallets or containers is essential in guaranteeing a seamless material flow. Investments in the warehouse in the form of contemporary technology - hardware and software - combined with complete integration into the added value chain ensure the necessary movement and guarantee transparency.

Important criteria in the warehouse are requirements-orientated inventory management and controls, time-optimised output and supply, delivery (goods to man) and the integration of warehouse and information technology. With GEBHARDT systems, input and output with the aisle stacker system and load carrying equipment, and handling in the high bay storage reception area are effortless. Compatibility with existing systems is a guaranteed basic precondition.

The Bitburger brewery utilises the GEBHARDT continuous flow rack for interim storage after filling, in order that pallets are stored in an assured and controlled manner. The Danone example shows that the continuous flow rack is also optimally suited for dispatch and sequenced loading preparation. Here, a combination of automated feeding with an ASS and manual acceptance results in high storage density, whilst the pallets are stored securely. A GEBHARDT StoreBiter 500 System is in operation at Infracor in accordance with the FIFO principle, with an aisle stacker system and contactless energy transfer for the storage of chemical products in a channel warehouse system. In the Bosch Tiernahrung warehouse, GEBHARDT pallet aisle stackers can either function as fixed installations in a single aisle or operate with curved travel where lower throughputs apply. At Mann + Hummel aisle stackers with curved travel are able to switch aisle and supply order picking.

Order consolidation at AVNET Logistics is based on a highly dynamic shuttle solution with the GEBHARDT Storebiter 300. The shuttle system here attains well in excess of 400 double runs per aisle and guarantees efficient and rapid order picking. GEBHARDT ASS aisle stackers also ensure efficient storage at Stihl and Siemens. At Stihl order picking takes place via a large Pick-by-Light system, which is directly connected to the multi-aisle ASS. In contrast, Siemens utilises the GEBHARDT warehouse technology for production storage and thereby enjoys efficient and rapid access to materials in intermediate storage.


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