Today, in particular, it is necessary to integrate time-saving technologies into everyday work. So-called distribution and sorting technologies are highly advantageous if goods with varying configurations are to be sorted according to certain criteria. This means that previously unsorted goods can be separated on the basis of previously defined criteria by a sorting system.

Using sorting and distribution technologies it is possible to overcome time problems and smoothly negotiate personnel-intensive working steps. Shorter throughput times and timely dispatch can also be guaranteed in this way.

The GEBHARDT SwitchSorter, used by Rhenus, is a modular sorting system, which can be integrated with ease into existing systems. Due to the aligned design of the switch an additional drive is not required. A further strength is the efficient sorting capacity, which enables the SwitchSorter to attain throughputs of 6000 to 7400 packaged goods per hour. Due to pneumatic pivoting, the system is able to sorting the conveyance goods to the left and right.

SICK uses the GEBHARDT tower store in order to store and sort containers prior to readying for dispatch, so that these are brought into the correct sequence. At Polo, the GEBHARDT SpeedSorter Belt is put to use. The SpeedSorter Belt consists of belt conveyors and roller lift conveyors, and is suitable for efficient sorting with 90 degree outlets. Neckermann and Baur dispatch utilise the SpeedSorter from GEBHARDT, which enables the gentle sorting of a wide range of products with its flap technology.


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