Order consolidation

In order to be able to guarantee speedier dispatch times it is possible for materials from various areas, which are intended for a single order, to be brought together by means of suitable material flow technology. One component that supports this order consolidation is so-called buffer storage.

Here, the GEBHARDT shuttle system StoreBiter 300 - as used by Avnet - in particular offers effective access to incoming and outgoing goods in accordance with the "goods to man" principle. In contrast to classic ASS solutions, the shuttle system offers a considerably greater input and output capacity. The modular design of the individual channel routes also enables a flexible expansion of the storage system if required. It is exceptional due to its optimum use of space and area, its low maintenance and servicing requirements, rapid assembly and low investment and operating costs. The storage system can comprise multi-aisle storage, whereby a single aisle can be divided into multiple modules depending on the storage height. In this case the StoreBiter 300 is able to access multiple storage levels. The GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 is an economical solution for the individual storage of load carriers. The efficient delivery is supported by the automatic provision of containers, trays or boxes for processing per the requisite sequence.

The GEBHARDT tower store, put to use by companies including SICK, serves to sort containers ahead of order picking workstations and enables a sequentially optimised container supply. The GEBHARDT lifting beam is ideal if greater buffer storage is required. GEBHARDT lifting beams and GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 shuttles, used for example by Avnet, act as highly dynamic interim storage ahead of order picking stations or for the consolidation of orders.

In the pallet area, transient pallet storage is ideal for order consolidation - as used by Danone and Bitburger. The sequence-optimised loading preparation of orders leads to faster loading processes and reduces the throughput time. A further option for the order consolidation of pallets is utilised by Mann+Hummel. Curved travel pallet ASS deliver pallets directly and on demand to the requisite order picking station or order picking workplace.


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