Goods receiving

The receipt of incoming goods is a vital step that precedes all other internal transport, storage and order picking processes.

This area encompasses goods acceptance, goods acceptance controlling and quality assurance of the incoming goods. It is particularly important to ensure here that the individual goods are correctly checked and labelled, in order that any errors when storing the goods or order picking - which result in erroneous forwarding on for dispatch or production - are duly avoided. It is necessary to utilise a range of methods here, in order to ease goods acceptance in advance and to avoid any errors.

The distributor Clog opted for GEBHARDT ConBoom telescopic belt conveyors and the GEBHARDT System 300 in order to ensure speedy and assured unloading of containers and HGVs in the packaged goods area. Incoming packages are also measured, weighed and labelled before being transferred to the internal material flow. The wholesale tool merchant HaWe carries out the sorting and checking of incoming goods before these are transferred to a four aisle high bay storage system. HaWe relies upon a GEBHARDT sorting solution for this.

In the heavy goods segment, the GEBHARDT System 500 offers diverse solutions for bringing pallets, trolleys or workpiece carriers into the internal material flow. From automatic HGV loading and unloading through to manual or semi-manual part processes, our products can be tailored to individual customer needs. The sanitary wares manufacturer Geberit depends on a GEBHARDT incoming goods solution in which the pallets can be transferred into the system in a number of ways, whilst being checked for their transportation and storage suitability at the same time.

GEBHARDT has the perfect solutions through which to guarantee assured and controlled goods acceptance; because tradition, quality, experience and consistency are the foundations of the holistic competence of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik in the field of internal material flow, from the receipt of goods through to their dispatch.


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