Technological support is indispensible in ensuring efficient and rapid dispatch processing. A procedure that encompasses components of material flow technology accelerates the processing of all dispatch units and also reduces the associated costs.

At EBM Pabst in Mulfingen a wide range of pallets weighing up to 1.5t are strapped and film-wrapped prior to dispatch on a GEBHARDT articulated belt solution. The modular articulated belt conveyors used in this solution move transportation goods with a wide range of dimensions, weights and properties. In conjunction with a direct SAP connection with the GEBHARDT connectors it has been possible to establish an assured and reliable dispatch process.

Sica uses automatic HGV loading in order to supply its customers with seats on a Just in Time (JIT) and Just in Sequence (JIS) basis. GEBHARDT lightweight chain conveyors are put to use in sequenced loading preparation and automatic loading.

At Bitburger sequenced loading preparation is carried out via driven GEBHARDT feed racks, which are automatically supplied by aisle stackers. Loading onto the respective HGV takes place by means of forklift trucks. The transient storage principle enables secure storage with high storage density. A similar principle is utilised by Bäckerbub at -26°C in the frozen sector. Provisioning using transverse carriages and feed racks is implemented by Bosch Tiernahrung.

In the container and box area conveyance goods are frequently palletised before leaving the warehouse. For robotic paletting at Merz/Logosys we use our System 800 Robotics. If the goods are loaded directly into a container or HGV without being palletised then the GEBHARDT ConBoom telescopic belt conveyors are an ideal solution.

Ergonomic packing stations, which are automatically supplied and emptied are just as important as effective sequenced loading preparation, as shown by Polo. Here, the order items are readied for the individual shops before being packaged and dispatched. At GEBHARDT, workstations are constantly being designed for customers on a tailored basis in order to optimally fulfil the requirements of the customer's individual circumstances.


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