Logistics and performance – a smooth transition

The GEBHARDT Material flow system (MFS) brings reliability instead of congestion.

Efficient material flow – that's what our system provides: It controls and monitors a smooth process in fully automated material handling plants. Flow instead of congestion and reliability instead of problems.

The GEBHARDT MFS collects data from the intra-logistical conveyor systems as well as ERP and LVS software in real time. It manages directly the orders of the host system and distributes them to the appropriate system components – from regulating control devices to roller conveyors. The GEBHARDT MFS thus represents the crucial link between these systems and provides user interfaces for management, diagnostics, monitoring and control.

The GEBHARDT Advanced MFS is an expansion of the described concept. In addition to the classic functions of material flow control, the GEBHARDT Advanced MFS includes elements such as inventory management and labeling tasks, which are usually part of a warehouse management software (WMS)

This optimization of conveyor technology does not only mean that the paths for storage and retrieval in the warehouse are short and efficient, but also that changing plant situations and material back-ups can be addressed quickly and flexibly. The flexibility of our MFS Software makes it possible to always adjust to your requirements, so everything is always in continuous flows.