Preset forms for the production / assembly

GEBHARDT FAUF Templates are a proprietary development of GEBHARDT Systems GmbH. Using the FAUF templates SAP production papers, whose construction can be differ to the particular end use (mobile card, control card, material supply, ...), can be developed quickly and with little effort. The contents of the templates are oriented towards the SAP manufacturing order structures based on the SAP work plans and BOM structures.

The range of function of the GEBHARDT FAUF templates includes:

  • Customized running-/ control card
  • Customized external processing card
  • oOerleaf imprint of the respective manufacturing drawings
  • Single pressure of the respective manufacturing drawings together with the FAUF papers
  • Collective print of production orders to one / several NC program/s


Attributes the GEBHARDT FAUF Templates:

  • Transparent program language SAP Smart Forms
  • Fast adaptation to customer-specific requirements
  • Automated object search and DIS status check
  • Maximum flexibility by customizing tables with presets for print programs, printer specification, the number of individual documents, ...