Connection of CNC machines to SAP ERP

The GEBHARDT CNC - machinery interface is a joint development of GEBHARDT Systems GmbH, Camtek GmbH and GIC GmbH.

The range of functions of the GEBHARDT CNC machinery interface includes:

  • Mechanised exchange of CAD and SAP data for automated production processes on CNC machines
  • Data transfer to the CNC machine program PEPS of the company Camtek
  • Data processing of the information reported by PEPS in SAP
  • Automated processing of SAP FAUF feedback data
  • Automated control of the SAP warehouse management by generating transport requirements / transport requests
  • Easy monitoring and evaluation functions
  • Printout from production order papers to one / several NC program(s) including overleaf output of manufacturing drawings

The communication interface is defined in a way that the service is provided normally job controlled, but also the CNC machine can be operated manually by the worker, if necessary. Extensive testing and automated notification in error or exception complement the overall solution.

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(Digital Engineering Magazin 03/2011)