GEBHARDT Pick-to-Light - Workstation solution

This workstation is equipped with an illumination unit which can identify by a LED light source target compartments in different sizes. By using mirrors the LED beam is deflected so that the corresponding area in the Container is illuminated quickly and accurately. This has the advantage that larger containers can be further subdivided, and thereby resources can be saved.

The operator is clearly signaled by this light signal from which area of ​​the container he must pick the relevant articles. Thus, incorrect withdrawals are reduced to a minimum. In order to support the operator continuously, in parallel with the removal signal (LED light point) the delivery target is displayed to the operator via LED light. The operator places the removed items in the tray which is displayed to him. Via a receipt button next to the light, the operator confirms the removal or dispensing into a picking container. By receiptingthe next container is triggered or the display in the current Container is updated.

The benefits at a glance:

  • flexible container structure
  • unique user guide
  • quick and precise positioning of the light spot
  • Time- and resource savings
  • Minimization of faulty withdrawals