The warehouse listens to your command

With our Pick-to-Voice System (PTV) new productivity is announced.

The GEBHARDT Pick-to-Voice-System (PTV) is setting new standards in terms of ease of work and operating comfort: Your employees only need light belt terminals and headsets to compile orders by voice. This free hand comfort is not only suited for cold regions or areas, where special protective work clothing must be worn, it virtually improves work performance everywhere.

What makes our Pick-to-Voice System safer and more productive than systems with manual entry or processing lists is the intuitive and easy functionality, which companies who work with this system confirm, it has not only good results in employee acceptance but also significantly improves performance and increase of speed in order processing.

The software, on which our system is based is user friendly, can be used in many languages and can recognize individual linguistic patterns and can usually be mastered with half an hour of training. GEBHARDT Pick-to-Voice (PTV) can be seamlessly integrated and easily scaled into existing systems. A real announcement in terms of „Modern workplace“.