GEBHARDT Pick To Light – a perfectly illuminating solution

Our Pick To Light System (PTL) shows how to speed up shipping.

Full luminosity ahead: The Gebhardt Pick To Light-System brings new dynamic to Shipping. This paperless method of searching, sorting and assembling has proven to be highly efficient (99%!) and significantly faster on top of it – with Gebhardt PTL you obtain a 4- to 5- fold higher product output with the same manpower.

The functionality is as simple as it is intuitive and as fast as it is self-explanatory: LEDs indicate the exact storage location for an order for individual positions as well as the exact number, which is required for the order. Lists can be quickly programmed and assembled by employees free hand. The Gebhardt Pick To Light System (PTL) immediately impresses with its simple installation options and is practically suited for all rack systems and storage sizes (from 50 to 5000 lights). A shining example of successful process optimization.