Better, newer and not more expensive

GEBHARDT combines tried and tested with improvement: Your investment.

Sometimes it simply pays to have the tried and tested undergo a facelift to be prepared for the future. The GEBHARDT Modernization concept includes just that: We analyze the advantages of the existing, utilize the available logistics processes and create concepts for you, so that your facility provides the necessary performance and availability for tomorrow. Fast conversion times and minimal impact on the production and logistics processes are our primary objective.

More efficiency, more security and higher availability: If you like, we are the update specialists of the well tried and tested. Of course, this also applies to facilities which were not implemented by the GEBHARDT Group.

Software.. New power: Rejuvenation in the IT field!

Our software modernization makes your IT compatible for the future.

No matter if the requirements on your software have already increased or if they will still increase in the future: Our specialists make sure that the used supply chain and control software will be checked from the ground up, adapted to the latest standards and last but not least prepared for maximum compatibility for the future. The effective upgrade for powerful logistics and processes. A good way to ensure that proven systems are "State Of The Art" again.

Hardware.. Expandable, promising – Plant expansion!

Logistics and material handling technology with perspective for the future.

Modernization is the ideal way to expand existing, proven systems and to improve their efficiency for the long term. We check your logistics system, search for optimization opportunities and complement the existing facility to include new or improved material handling components. That's how fast your system can be back in top form.

Mechanics.. Process optimization, which comes from within!

Modernized mechanics, so that everything is running smoothly again.

Why upgrade everything completely if only the drive needs a boost? With our mechanical modernization you implement more power and new strength, which comes from within: For material handling technology, storage devices and all drive elements an effective measure to rejuvenate your facility and to increase security and performance.