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After commissioning, only one thing counts: The system must work. No ifs, no buts. Therefore customer service and maintenance belong to our core activities: All systems are designed maintenance-friendly. Our competent online service is available for you around the clock.


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At GEBHARDT, maintenance is much more than operating routine.

Also the kind of the GEBHARDT-maintenance you can choose: Remote oder Intervall.

In the first case, the relevant components of your System are remotely monitored and the functionality of the System tested. This is an effective measure to ensure plant safety and to avoid disturbances. Furthermore the Software of your System will be updated regularly.

In the second case, we maintain your system at specified intervals - according to the calculated parameters, resulted by the duration and frequency of use of the System.

In each case the right choice.


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Fitness program for your employees.

The best control system can only be as good as the people who operate it. Adequate training of your staff is important in order to ensure not only an effective operation, but also the reliability of your system. A central aspect of this is the ability to identify and resolve many problems alone without any help, which leads to a minimization of downtimes and a smooth operation.

We train your employees in dealing with automated processes, efficient warehouse logistics and frictionless workflow. System fitness that pays off for the Company from the first second. Training by experts from GEBHARDT trains your employees in the safe handling of their daily tasks.

Effective training works hand in hand with the GEBHARDT support. Trained employees will get the support contact persons, who act in their company as a counterpart for their employees. In case that these employees can not find the error and fix it, the GEBHARDT Support can be consulted.

Hotline - the function on-call service for your system

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300In a healthy system everything is going well. In fact always.

In order to actually reach this ideal state, you should always have the possibility to react if situations arise that could be problematic for the process.

For this reason we have set up a hotline for our customers, which is there for such situations. We service processes. Namely, 24 hours a day - seven days a week.

We are here for you.