When the ideal shelving is the rule

With our storage and retrieval machines almost everything goes by itself.

Storage and retrieval machines (S/R) are one of our efficient solutions when speed and precision are demanded and offer excellent cycle times and accurate warehousing operation: One storage and retrieval machine normally works in each rack aisle and stores or retrieves goods on both sides into the racks or shelves, the racks themselves can be several stories high and almost as long. The S/Rs are fast and versatile, bring goods almost directly to the operating personnel, which reduces waiting times, running and cycle times, in addition, they can transport and store a multitude of loading equipment, from small containers and cartons to pallets.

To further improve the performance of the system, intelligent algorithms especially developed by Gebhardt Systems are utilized, which optimize inventory management and achieve an even more efficient use of storage space. In addition, the GEBHARDT StoreWare Warehouse management system (WMS) offers the possibility to operate the warehouse apart – and therefore self-sufficient – from other company owned systems or to fully integrate it via interfaces into the company processes and the existing IT-environment. Inventory control in real time with extensive reporting, increasing capacity and efficiency in warehousing processes and improvement of storage quality.