GEBHARDT Controls: Full and total control authority

System efficiency from planning to commissioning.

Anyone who wants to survive in global competition must meet these requirements. A must include: Short delivery times, prompt delivery, competitive prices, continuous productivity improvement and cost reduction. Our automation technology satisfies even the most complex demands and with innovative, future oriented control design makes it possible to meet the future logistical challenges and to pave the way for expansion.

We plan, develop and design automated conveyor systems for customers from various industries. Accordingly, our control systems are flexible and scalable, designed to provide our customers with the ability to respond optimally to any changes. Sustainable structures and strategies reduce operating costs and lead to a reliable system that adapts to your business goals. With a comprehensive service concept, to implement each one of your control projects successfully and quickly.


The GEBHARDT Design process ensures that controls set up by us always meet our customers needs and requirements. Tasks for this process are project management, system design, programming and creation of necessary drawings, which are especially important for the design of the hardware and the installation on location.


GEBHARDT controls are developed by skilled programmers, network specialists and operators and prepared for productive operation. Of particular importance in this phase is the comprehensive system training, so that employees are prepared for smooth operation of the conveyor systems in later productive operation.


After commissioning the control system it is our objective to support our customers during the productive operation: Support as a vital partnership and connection between operator and GEBHARDT, which holds many advantages for both sides. For example the following Points:

  • System changes / updates
  • Consulting in Productive operation
  • Maintenance and maintenance contracts
  • Spare parts lists and supply
  • Hotline service 365 days / 24 hours

The advantage of integrated system thinking:

GEBHARDT has a multitude of experiences to tune and adopt the technologies in use so that they result in a totally integrated system. Offer maximum efficiency with products:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Sorting systems
  • Scales
  • Retrofit / Modernization
  • RFID
  • Robotics
  • and many more.


GEBHARDT software and controls offer interfaces between the conveyor and warehousing technology in use as well as superior systems (LVS, ERP, ...)

What distinguishes GEBHARDT from other providers is the goal to collaborate with our customers that the prepared solutions optimize the current operation and increase efficiency. No matter if it is only a small control system or a complex system with robots, we show the same commitment and the same dedication to all projects.

Because the clear understanding of customer requirements, regardless of the system type and size, is the critical point of every project success, we use all our expertise to find optimal solutions for specific requirements. The should not only work optimally in the short term, but should be enduring, flexible and future-oriented. From the start: After the initial operation, our fully trained support team is available for our customers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and 365 days a year.