The fitness program for your personnel

The best material flow systems can only be as good as the people who operate them. Appropriate training of your personnel is vital in order to ensure not only effective operation, but also the reliability of your system. A central aspect here is the ability to detect and eliminate many problems internally, which leads to a reduction in downtimes and seamless operation. Additionally, regular checks and optimum service are fundamental prerequisites for the fault-free function and optimum use of the material flow system - also after many years. The company's own customer and training centre offers the best preconditions for further development in this regard.

GEBHARDT ensures that your people are conversant with dealing with automated processes, efficient warehouse logistics and seamless workflows. System conversance, that pays out for the company from the first moment. Training by experts from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik teaches your personnel how to work safely when carrying out their daily tasks.

GEBHARDT offers system training, e.g. for the assured operation of material flow systems, for control technology and for SAP integration, at its customer centre in Sinsheim. These seminars provide the necessary information with which to better understand the processes and thus to be able to guarantee optimum utilisation.

Effective training goes hand-in-hand with GEBHARDT support. Trained personnel become contact support personnel, who act within their companies as points of contact for your personnel. In the event that these personnel are unable to find and eliminate a fault, GEBHARDT support can be called upon for assistance. 

Original GEBHARDT Service

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