Increase throughput, save engery - GEBHARDT retrofit with 24V- material handling technology

Reasons for a retrofit of the existing 400V- material handling technology

Today in accumulation roller conveyors and short transport distances decentralized energy efficient 24V- technology is utilized. But existing 400 V-systems therefore don't need to replaced completely. With the GEBHARDT retrofit package conveying systems of various kinds be technically updated with little effort.

Older material handling systems are often well-preserved, but someday they do not meet the latest requirements. Is it that the existing 400 V-conveyor systems with pneumatic elements in continuous operation consumes too much energy or that the elderly roller conveyor, which is driven by V-belt, causes rising maintenance costs. In another case, perhaps a gravity roller conveyor must be replaced by a motor-driven system. At the first glance, in all these cases a complete new purchase threatens. The GEBHARDT Motor roller retrofit package provides an economical alternative: The upgrading of older conveyor systems into a modern, energy-efficient 24V-DC motor roller technology is also with a small budget feasible and makes a new installation in many cases redundant. The GEBHARDT retrofit package includes 24 V-DC supply, light barriers, motor rollers, control modules and cabling. The retrofit is done in stages with minimal standstill times during the operation.

Retrofit advantages

Technical features

Advantages of current 24V-motor roller technology

Energy efficiency by Run-On-Demand

Run-On-Demand means that the motor of 24V-motor rollers only runs if an item is being transported. The motor rollers are controlled by photocells. The accumulating conveyor do not require compressed air. Shortly after the conveyed good has left a zone, this switches off, while the motor of 400 V- conveyor technology runs continuously. Due to the reduced switch-on-time both the energy consumption and the wear will be minimized.


Safe / Quiet / Low maintenance

When using 24V-technology there is no danger of sprockets which must be oiled or chains which must be tensioned. This reduces the risk of injury. The encapsulated design makes the engines nearly maintenance-free and quiet. Their shutdown at stationary periods reduces the noise level in a hall. For this purpose the motor rollers have lifetime lubrication. So the power transmissions from roller to roller do not require lubrication. And if necessary, the motor rollers can be, thanks to plug and play, replaced in a few minutes. 

Conveying without stagnation pressure

When using motor rollers round belts or poly-V-belts ensure the overdrive from roll to roll and the drive of the stagnation zones. Also belt conveyors with 24 V-drive can be used for stagnation. The advantage of coneying without stagnation pressure: There is no contact between the conveyed goods and thus no product damage.


Space optimization and ergonomics

By further using the frame profiles and pillars made of steel or aluminum several conveyor lines can be located above or next to each other with minimum space requirements because of the small size . This saves material and the throughput per area increases significantly. Ergonomic working heights can be realized easily.


Modular concept

A variety of different conveyor modules, such as transfers, curves, merges and swivelling skate wheel transfers can be driven by motor rollers. The modular concept allows simple conversions and extensions on site.


High flexibility and scalability

The layout of conveyor systems with decentralized motor roller drives in each production zone can be modified easily and scaled almost arbitrarily.


Operating either autonomously or via PLC

The control modules are directly connected to a light barrier, and with each other via a bus system. This allows selectively either an independent operation or control via a PLC. The GEBHARDT MCC (Modular Conveyor Control) or the GEBHARDT ASi module assume the accumulating zone control. They offer variable conveyor speeds.


Plug-and-play wiring

While the wiring disappears into the side profiles behind faceplates, the control modules are freely accessible. 24 V-technology allows simple, decentralized installation with an intelligent cabling concept that ensures the 230/400 V power supply for any number of power adapters. This decentralized intelligent power adapters are below the carrying rollers.


Convertibility of existing sytems

The intelligent cabling and power supply can be integrated in the side profiles of many different
manufacturers, so that many existing systems are updatable by the GEBHARDT retrofit package.


Saves energy, money and time

Fewer components result in a quicker installation and commissioning, as well as a lower failure rate. So fewer spare parts have to be stored. Often the same motor roller can be reused in multiple conveyors.


Fast return on invest (ROI)

Compared to a new acquisition, the investment costs with an conversion to 24V-technology are significantly lower. In addition, the less maintenance costs and the high availability results in a faster payback on the capital employed upon improved system performance.

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