GEBHARDT SmartGlass - fast, efficient and self-sufficient

Advanced remote service for your intralogistics system

The GEBHARDT SmartGlass is revolutionizing the enrollment of a disturbance and its treatment at your material flow system. A supported communication process by advanced Technology between GEBHARDT and its customers ensures faster and more efficient help with faults in the System.

The new service product GEBHARDT SmartGlass allows direct communication with video transmission between GEBHARDT and its customers. The GEBHARDT SmartGlass enables our hotline staff of a live transmission in your system. Thereby a better quality of hotline advice will be achieved.
On the other hand, the GEBHARDT SmartGlass supplies relevant information, such as maintenance documents, training materials, technical information and live flashes of technical data and instructions by using augmented reality. All Information is available anytime and anywhere, when it is needed.

Smart Remote Service

Through our SmartGlass, we are revolutionizing our service. It allows us to look directly into your system from your staffs view. Thus, our experts are in a position to identify the problem and ,if applicable, to provide an immediate solution directly without an onsite visit via the hotline. Instead of a traditional hotline conversation, in which we are dependent on the error description of our customers, our experts look on your system and are able to lead your staff by giving instructions to solve the problem directly.

Via a HD camera, which ist integrated in the SmartGlass, you are sending back your field of vision to our experts. By the Flash of technical drawings or instructions via image overlay, your staff will be guided in performing repairs and inspections.

The advantage for you? You have no long standby time for the journey of our service technicians. You save the expense of an unnecessary service call on site. Furthermore your mechanical and software-related issues are removed directly by our hotline experts.

Technical features

  • Reduced downtime
  • Faster ROI
  • More efficient help for employees on site
  • Remote training courses
  • Integration into the existing ERP system
  • Integration into the existing CRM system
  • Immediate availability of all customer information
  • Increased quality of support to our hotline

GEBHARDT SmartGlass integration into existing IT systems

Through our support, we qualify your maintenance staff for professional troubleshooting. The direct integration of the SmartGlass and their software in our innovative IT systems allows us an optimal service to our customers.


Exchange of relevant information

A mapping of the IP address of your SmartGlass allows a direct allocation of the incoming call to your customer data in our CRM system. Our expert has access to the call- and machine-history. Based on these data he can allocate  all necessary information via the SmartGlass, such as technical drawings and electronic schematics. This Information will be overlaid by using augmented reality with an indicator function and provide your maintenance staff detailed instructions for troubleshooting. If a troubleshooting is not possible despite our SmartGlass, as soon as possible one of our service technicians will be on site.

Together with GEBHARDT, experience the future of customer service and benefit from a simpler and more effective remote support!

Support and Training

Apart from the above main function of the GEBHARDT SmartGlass, we provide you an added value for your plant maintenance with this innovative service product . Even without a direct video conference with our experts, we provide you support functions via your personal SmartGlass . Standard checks or maintenance work, which fall within the responsibility of the plant operator, are shown in a video and can be accessed and watched anytime via the glasses. This guarantees a faultless operation of your maintenance staff and a plant that is permanently in a good condition. Thus, with the GEBHARDT SmartGlass we optimize not only the service in case of trouble, but also support the work of your staff at the plant.

Original GEBHARDT Service

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