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After commissioning, only one thing counts: The system must run. No ifs or buts. That is why customer service and maintenance belong to our core activities:

All systems are designed to be maintenance-friendly. Our competent  hotline service is available to you around the clock whenever you need it. You should have the option of reacting at all times, if situations arise which may become problematic for processes.

Right from service acceptance onwards you will receive professional advice and the rapid supply of  spare parts will be initiated.

In order to prevent standstills and downtimes, inspections, regular maintenance and well trained personnel are indispensible. GEBHARDT ensures that your people are conversant with dealing with automated processes, efficient warehouse logistics and seamless workflows. System conversance, that pays out for the company from the first moment. Training by experts from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik teaches your personnel how to work safely when carrying out their daily tasks.

Sometimes it is also worthwhile rejuvenating the tried and tested, in order to be well equipped for the future. The GEBHARDT modernisation concept deals precisely with this: Advantages of the existing system are analysed, available logistics processes are utilised and concepts are generated, in order that your system can offer the requisite performance and availability.

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