A TRUE HEAVYWEIGHT – GEBHARDT pallet storage and retrieval cranes

GEBHARDT pallet storage and retrieval machines are used to store unit loads or pallets in high bay warehouses at a height of up to 24 m. This device type is also used for automatic loading and unloading of flow rack systems. 


The ASRS machine Type 748 has a payload of up to 2500 kg and is produced in the proven two mast technology. The result is a stiff and reliable structure that meets even the highest requirements. Telescopic forks are used as load handling device (LHD). The GEBHARDT StoreBiter 500 is used as LHD for multiple-depth storage as usual in channel warehouses.

Prozess safety

Type 748 ASRS may also be equipped with stateof- the-art camera systems for efficient troubleshooting and increase of the operating comfort. This way, access to the ASRS machine for fault finding may often be avoided.

Energy efficiency

The GEBHARDT pallet storage and retrieval machinescan be equipped with state-of-the-art energy saving technology on request. This comprises an active coordination of the running axis to achieve energy-optimised running profiles. In addition an optional energy recovery system is available, e.g. to recover excess brake energy and feed into the supply grid instead of emitting it as heat through the brake resistors. Energy-efficient high-bay warehouses also require optimisation of the overall system.

Technical data

Height in mup to 24 m
Wheel base in m2,33 m (for loading widths of up to 1 m)
Lower approach dimension in m0,75 m
Min. upper approach dimension in mmin. 0,4 m from top level of the load
Drive technologyall axles via frequency-controlled three-phase current gear-brake motors
Driving speed in m/sup to 3,0
Driving acceleration in m/s²1,0
Drive power in kW2 x 3,0
Lifting speed in m/s0,5
Lifting acceleration in m/s²0,5
Lifting power in kW2 x 5,5
Overload safeguard lifting gearwith load measuring pins and evaluation electronics (DMS technology)
max. payload in kg2500 kg
Telescoping speed in m/s1,3 (empty) / 0,66 (loaded)
Telescoping acceleration in m/s²1,2 (empty) / 0,6 (loaded)
Telescopic drive power in kW1,1
Overload safeguard telescopic forkwith frictional clutch
Conveyed goodsTablar, Pallets
Mast2-Mast structure
Camera systemoptional


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