Fastest access to the requisite material

The GEBHARDT lifting beam warehouse Type 720 is based on a storage and retrieval machine technology with lifting beam and moving carriage. Efficient load handling equipment, e.g. a telescopic platten with belt conveyor, ensures fast access to totes, cartons and trays in automatic small-parts storage.


The moving carriage handles the horizontal placement of the load handling device at the desired shelf bay, whilst the lifting beam handles the vertical placement of the carriages at the corresponding shelf level. Both ensure that the load handling device takes the required container(s) from the shelf by placing the load handling device in the correct position. A steel frame, comprising of 2 lifting columns and connection profiles ensures that the entire system is self-enclosed and self supporting. The compact construction also has great benefits in narrow aisles. The GEBHARDT lifting beam has a high degree of volume utilisation. At low heights, the shelf structure can be integrated into the structure of the machine. This further improves the volume utilisation.


A lifting beam has higher throughput and a more dynamic system operation than a storage and retrieval machine. The system can also be used separately or together with other intralogistics devices. A lifting beam is suitable for economic storage of a limited number of warehouse goods. This equipment is also used as a buffer in shipping, for sequencing or for storing empty containers. Another application is in the support of picking processes. The lower shelf levels can be designed as drive through channels to implement zone picking, which allows direct access to the warehouse goods for the pickers. Several lifting beam units may be placed next to each other and connected by conveyors. GEBHARDT lifting beam units are produced with an open width of max. 10 m and a height of up to max. 24 m.

Technical features

  • Storage and retrieval technology with particularly compact self-enclosed design
  • For single- and multiple-depth ASRS-storage
  • Compatible with all GEBHARDT load-handling devices

Important data

Payloadmax. 120 kg
Lift speed2,0 m/s with an acceleration of 2,0 m/s²
Driving speed3,0 m/s with an acceleration of 2,0 m/s²
Heightmax. 24 m
Open widthmax. 12 m
Lower travel limit600 mm
Withdrawal and extension time for the telescopic table5 seconds
Conveyance goodsPlastic containers / trays / boxes
Outputmax.125 DS/h with 2 plastic containers / trays / boxes


Lifting beam conveyor - Type 720.01
• with traversing carriage and telescopic table
• with belt conveyor

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