DHS - Conceptional development of small-parts warehouses by dynamization of handover positions

DHS is the development setting the new benchmark of automatic small-parts storage by making the P&D stations dyanamic. 

This is done by use of shuttle vehicles moved within the racks and interacting with storage and retrieval machines.

The handover stations can be made more dynamic to increase output in automatic small-parts storage (ASRS). The system shows not only higher throughputs but also saves resources. The novel drive and communications technologies guarantee low-maintenance and a high availability operation.


The DHS system connects the storage and retrieval machines with the shuttle technology. The shuttles move within the rack, e.g. below the first shelf level, while the ASRS acts in the aisle as usual. This allows the P&D Station to move closer to the ASRS machine as required by the warehouse operation. The shuttles serve the goods to be stored and removed to the storage and retrieval machines. This considerably reduces the average running distances of the cranes and increases system throughput while lowering energy consumption. This solution includes the standard components from the GEBHARDT product portfolio. In addition to the conventional storage and retrieval machines or the GEBHARDT Cheetah StoreBiter 300 OLS Shuttles are used.


The DHS offers a wide spectrum of benefits. First, the complexity of the overall system is reduced. Higher throughputs are possible with fewer aisles. This throughput may be further increased dependant on the warehouse geometry design. Use of the shuttle vehicles clearly reduces the moved mass in the overall system, which leads to clear energy savings. Whilst the ratio of load weight to total weight at the ASRS is approx. 1 to 40 it is as low as 1 to 1.5 for the shuttle. DHS also does not require a classic P&D stations with typical I/O-points. DHS uses a simplified P&D Layout. In addition to reduction of the moved mass, the average running distances of the storage and retrieval machines can be clearly reduced as well. This reduces energy consumption as well as wear on the ASRS machine. The system is easily accessible for maintenance and servicing. The installed mechanics and the drive components used are constructed for low maintenance requirements. Extension of the required maintenance intervals may increase system availability.


The output increase can be adjusted to different operating strategies by more dynamic handover stations. For example, both shuttles can store or retrieve, or one shuttle stores and one retrieves. Processes like goods receipt, picking and goods output can therefore be considerably and specifically accelerated.




As compared to the classic ASRS solution, DHS can often save additional ASRS aisles required to reach the necessary capacity. The DHS can also increase output per area utilised and thus save warehouse space. The measures for energy and resource saving result in lower operating costs. The energy costs are lower in addition to lower maintenance and servicing costs. All of these aspects lead to shorter return on investment for the DHS systems.

System benefits

  • More dynamic P & D stations
  • Combines ASRS- and shuttle technology
  • Power increase while reducing energy consumption
  • Reduction of the complexity of the system
  • Significant increase in efficiency
  • Large energy savings due to lower moving mass
  • Waiver of a pre-zone with classic E/A-points
  • Dynamically variable handover positions
  • Dynamic adaption to the requirements of the storage operation
  • Reduction of the miniload driveways
  • Very good accessibility
  • Use of maintenance-friendly technology

Energy and ressource saving

  • Reduction of the miniload movements
  • Reduction of energy consumption by >50%
  • Deliberate reduction of the miniload-dynamic
     Less wear
     Increasing of the system availability

Cost analysis

  • Often prevention further miniload lines
  • Significant increase in performance without any additional area
  • Energy saving
  • Short ROI periods
  • Low-maintenance


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