GEBHARDT curved travel storage and retieval crane - and your goods come safely round every corner

The curve-going GEBHARDT storage and retrieval crane can be best utilised where pallets of up to 2000 kg are to be stored in a high-bay warehouse with several aisles.

They are best suited where automation is sensible, but the low throughput allows for using one ASRS machine to serve several aisles. Curve-going SRM compete with conventional warehouses that can be served with stacker trucks. SRM have the benefit of requiring fewer staff and lower operating and maintenance costs. Multi-shift operation is also possible cost-effectively. Process safety can be increased as compared to stacker warehouses, throughput can be increased and operator errors can be minimised. The curve-going SRM can serve several racking aisles by leaving the aisle and running to another aisle via a rail and switch system. This system offers the benefits of an automatic warehouse, at lower investment costs than the aisle-specific SRM solution. Curve-going SRM also offer the benefit of flexibility. The warehouse can be supplemented by another SRM until each aisle has an SRM installed if the throughput requirements increase. Initial investment can thus be kept low. The small curve radius permits spacesaving storing of racking aisles. This leads to optimised use of existing warehouse space.

Technical data

Height in mup to 20 m
Wheel base in m2,33 m (for loading widths of up to 1 m)
Lower approach dimension in m0,75 m
Min. upper approach dimension in mmind. 0,4 m ab Oberkante Ladung
Minimum spacing between 2 aisles4,0 m (centre of aisle - centre of aisle)
Drive technologyall axles via frequency-controlled three-phase current gear-brake motors
Driving speed in m/sup to 3,0
Driving acceleration in m/s²0,5
Drive power in kW2 x 3,0
Lifting speed in m/s0,5
Lifting acceleration in m/s²0,5
Lifting power in kW2 x 5,5
Overload safeguard lifting gearwith load measuring pins and evaluation electronics (DMS technology)
max. payload in kg2000 kg
Telescoping speed in m/s1,3 (empty) / 0,66 (loaded)
Telescoping acceleration in m/s²1,2 (empty) / 0,6 (loaded)
Telescopic drive power in kW1,1
Overload safeguard telescopic forkwith frictional clutch
Crve radius in m0,8
Drivewith electronic linear drive
Conveyed goodsTablar, Pallets


Curved travel storage and retieval crane - Type 748.40
• Curved travel storage and retieval crane up to 2000 kg
• unit height up to max. 20 m
• two mast

GEBHARDT warehouse technology