GEBHARDT CHEETAH Miniload - Type 701

For storage and retrieval machines acceleration, speed and delivery time take more and more on greater significance. For this, GEBHARDT is setting new standards. “Who is faster?” That was the target of the GEBHARDT engineers in developing the new miniload type “CHEETAH®”. “CHEETAH®” – as the name implies – is extremely fast and very lightweight thanks to innovative materials. The Cheetah storage and retrieval machine (ASRS) with its innovative construction approach represents dynamics and efficiency in automatic small-parts storage. The Cheetah ASRS is constructed of various materials, intigrating cutting edge fibre-composites. The bonded framework structure has been comprehensively tested for the stress and service life of a small parts ASRS crane. The rigid framework structure allows for shorter stabilisation times during operation.

Integration of future

The quest for speed with its requirements for energy efficiency and low maintenance costs – all these attributes are combined in this miniload type. The GEBHARDT CHEETAH® reaches more throughput with similar costs of previous models. The above mentioned energy efficiency is achieved by an intelligent energy management and reduced weight. The multi-material mixture consisting of composite, steel and aluminum, which is usually only used in vehicle and aircraft construction as well as in sailing, ensures that the deadweight of the CHEETAH® could be reduced by 60% in comparison to its predecessors. This weight reduction is also a factor that provides for tremendous dynamic of this type.

Stability in spite of saving space

The large mast in half-timbered construction provides necessary stability and strength, so that vibrations can hardly occur. Furthermore, it leads to a low emphasis of the whole system and achieves improved driving quality. With the drive unit and its controlled friction directly positioned at the rail an optimum power transfer is possible.  The GEBHARDT CHEETAH® convinces with the shortening of its chassis by 15% compared to its predecessor. In spite of this place-saving all distinctive spare parts are easily accessible and maintenance-friendly designed. The result: more productivity with less downtime.

Adjustment to the order situation

The control engineering is integrated into the large-volume mast and has the advantage of better approach dimensions. The movable control system provides an exact positioning, the recovery of energy and an energy-optimized overlay of the movements. Special feature: The intelligent control system in combination with the GEBHARDT StoreWare adjusts the speed to the order situation by its own. The data is transmitted via WLAN or optical data.


The Cheetah ASRS is offered in two versions. Cheetah eco is designed to reduce energy consumption with its lite weight. The smart energy-savings technologies result in a clear efficiency gains as compared to conventional storage and retrieval machines. Integrating advanced controls ensures recovery of brake energy and/or optimising the lifting and traveling movements. This "eco" version is a development in the scope of the "Blue Competence Initiative" of VDMA. The Cheetah speed is designed to achieve the maximum possible throughput. Acceleration of 6.5 m/s² and a top speed of 6.5 m/s, coupled with optimised load handling equipment, produce a clear increase of possible throughput–even at heights of 12 meters–with the Speed version. The GEBHARDT Cheetah’s dynamics are refined during the project planning phase to achieve optimum efficiency. This process reduces operating costs by avoiding oversizing. Subsequent upgrades are possible, as the structure of the Cheetah ASRS is designed for highest dynamics. The dramatically reduced operating costs lead to a faster return on investment. The long-term total cost of ownership is lower than those of conventional ASRS.

Important technical data

max. payload120 kg
max. height12 m
max. driving speed6,5 m/s
max. driving acceleration6,5 m/s²
max. lifting speed3,5 m/s
max. lifting acceleration3,5 m/s²

Technical features

  • High energy efficiency from new lightweight construction
  • High throughput with up to 18 m (Cheetah eco) storage height
  • Low operating costs from adjustable precision dynamics
  • eco and speed version


Data sheet - Cheetah Speed - Type 701.02
• 12 m height
• lift drive at the bottom
• 1 Toothed belt
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GEBHARDT Cheetah eco