GEBHARDT small parts storage - computer-controlled organisation with rapid access

GEBHARDT storage and retrieval machines have proven their value a hundredfold and are used around the world. They ensure the automatic storage of inventory into and removal from high bay warehouses. The reliable operation and sheer size of the storage capacity are key elements for efficiency and throughput.

Depending on a Storage & Retrieval Machines (ASRS) type, they move loads from just a few grams up to 500 kg in heights of up to 22 m. The ASRS’s are equipped according to requirements with different load handling devices. The ASRS types 714 to 718 are modularly designed with chassis of a precision welded, low-torsion steel profile construction. With the dynamics being engineered in house. Vulkolan-coated drive and guide rollers guarantee smooth, low-wear running. The mast is a profile steel construction. The low friction metal guide rails are precision welded to ensure exact guidance of the lifting frame with the Load Handling Device (LHD).Technical features.

A high-performance steel reinforced toothed belt (minimal stretch and high resilience) is used in an enclosed lifting drive. The shear-resistant nylon fabric coating ensures a long service life and high load capacity. Automatic belt tensioners are fitted as standard.

Energy efficiency

The GEBHARDT automatic small-parts storage and retrieval machines are equipped with advanced energy saving technology on request. This comprises an active coordination of the running axis to achieve energy-optimised traveling profiles. In other words, the energy recovery system feeds back excess brake energy into the supply grid instead of emitting it as heat through the brake resistors. In addition to the design of the ASRS, the overall system would be optimised to establish an energy efficient automatic small-parts storage in order to fulfill the request.

Technical features

  • Rigid single-mast construction design for high dynamic resilience
  • 2-wheel drive for high acceleration and traveling dynamics
  • Low-wear bearing with vulkolan and polyamide guide rollers: extremely smooth running
  • All critical service elements are accessible without ladder / platform, including the control cabinet
  • Service and setting up can be carried out in narrow running aisles
  • High safety standards
701714716717718Lifting beam
max. payload kg12050300300500100
max. height in m127,512,016,022,012,0
Mastindividualindividualindividualindividualindividuallifting beams
max. driving speed m/s6,55,05,04,54,01,8
max. lifting speed m/s3,53,03,03,03,03,0
max. driving acceleration m/s²6,53,03,02,01,52,0
max. lifting acceleration m/s²3,53,03,02,01,52,0
Conveyance goodsC, T, BC, T, BC, T, P, BC, T, P, BC, T, BC, T, B
ApplicationHigh bay storage, AS/RS, live storageAS/RS, live storageHigh bay storage, AS/RS, live storageHigh bay storage, AS/RS, live storageHigh bay storage, AS/RS, live storageAS/RS, buffer, consolidation

C = Container, T = Tray, P = Pallet, B = Box


Storage and retieval cranes - Type 714.01
• up to 50 kg
• unit height up to max. 10 m

Storage and retieval cranes - Type 716.01
• up to 300 kg
• unit height up to max. 12 m

Storage and retieval cranes - Type 717.01
• up to 300 kg
• unit height up to max. 16 m high

Storage and retieval cranes - Type 718.01
• up to 500 kg
• unit height up to max. 22 m high

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