The warehouse holds the capital

GEBHARDT storage and retieval cranes take over the automated input and output of conveyance goods in the AS/RS or high bay storage. These spectacular devices - alongside their sheer size - are key elements of efficiency and performance. Just like giraffes, they reach the topmost branch - and naturally every shelf compartment. Depending on the type of storage and retieval cranes they can move loads of between 50 g and 2,500 kg with device heights of up to 24 m. The storage and retieval crane is equipped with various load lifting equipment reflective of the task.

The mobile cross beam is a welded, low-torsion steel profile construction. The mounting and bearing surfaces are processed on precision machines. Vulkolan-coated drive and guide rollers guarantee quiet and low-wear running.

The mast is a steel profile construction. The guide rails from bright drawn material are welded with the aid of a specially produced gauge. This guarantees the precise guiding of the lifting basket with LHD.

AS/RS devices

701 714 716 717 718 Lifting beam
max. payload kg 120 50 300 300 500 100
max. height in m 12 7,5 12,0 16,0 22,0 12,0
Mast individual individual individual individual individual lifting beams
max. driving speed m/s 6,5 5,0 5,0 4,5 4,0 1,8
max. lifting speed m/s 3,5 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0
max. driving acceleration m/s² 6,5 3,0 3,0 2,0 1,5 2,0
max. lifting acceleration m/s² 3,5 3,0 3,0 2,0 1,5 2,0
Conveyance goods C, T, B C, T, B C, T, P, B C, T, P, B C, T, B C, T, B
Application High bay storage, AS/RS, live storage AS/RS, live storage High bay storage, AS/RS, live storage High bay storage, AS/RS, live storage High bay storage, AS/RS, live storage AS/RS, buffer, consolidation

C = Container, T = Tray, P = Pallet, B = Box

Technical features

  • Bending resistant single mast design for high dynamic load-bearing
  • 2-wheel drive for high acceleration and drive dynamics
  • Low-wear bearing with Vulkolan and polyamide rollers: extremely quiet running
  • All structural elements can be reached without ladder / platform, also in switch cabinet
  • Single-sided layout - service and adjustment work even with narrow aisles
  • Maximum safety standard

A high performance toothed belt with steel wire tension cords (minimal expansion with maximum loading) is used in the closed lifting drive. The sheer-resistant nylon fabric cover ensures a long service life and high specific tooth loading. Automatic belt tensioners are standard.

Pallet storage and retieval crane

748.10 748.40
max. payload kg 2500 2000
max. height in m 24 20
Mast 2 2
max. driving speed m/s 3,0 3,0
max. lifting speed m/s 0,5 0,5
max. driving acceleration m/s² 0,5 0,5
max. lifting acceleration m/s² 0,5 0,8
Curved travel no yes
Application High bay storage, live storage High bay storage, live storage


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