Customized solutions for special requirements

GEBHARDT stands for high flexibility with top quality. Adjustment of existing devices or completely re-constructed machines is no problem for GEBHARDT owing to experienced and very well-trained employees.

Customized solutions

Individual processes are a matter of course in intralogistics. GEBHARDT reacts to this with a great expertise for individual solutions. GEBHARDT employees are experienced in coordinating customer- specific solutions from sales through design to production. This is particularly true for special load handling device for warehouse technology. GEBHARDT engineers have found solutions for many different load carriers, special sorting tasks or the transport of freshly cast motor blocks. Storage and retrieval machines, as well as shuttles, can be adjusted in geometry, often also outside of the specifications laid down. Customer-specific solutions do not, however, cover mechanics alone. Control and software can easily be adjusted for individual customers. This provides a flexible response to customers ever changing processes and warehouse strategies.

Performance characteristics

  • Precise system adjustment to specific customer requirements
  • Customer-specific hard- and software solutions
  • Flexible answer to variable processes and warehouse strategies 

Load handling device for container sorting

ASRS in special heights of 22m


GEBHARDT warehouse technology