Next Generation StoreBiter OLS - better all round

Scalable, flexible, efficient

The GEBHARDT StoreBiter® 300 OLS is a shuttle system for the highest performance requirements. Through to various load carrying devices the StoreBiter® 300 OLS ist highly flexible in the single- or multi-deep storage of containers, trays and cartons of various sizes. The shuttle system is ideal for the implementation of the "goods to man" principle, especially when combined with the GEBHARDT SimplePick picking stations.

Next Generation OLS Shuttle

The new generation of our OLS shuttle is characterized by a significantly reduced weight. By a simplified, modular construction, the system measures could be significantly improved. So more containers or cartons can be stored in an equal sized shelf. With an optimized energy consumption, the connected loads could be minimized and the use of energy storage are economically possible. With a consistent modular design, the price- /performance ratio has improved continuously.


The storage system may consist of one or more lanes, wherein more shuttles of the type StoreBiter® 300 OLS can be used. Each lane is divided, depending on the storage height, in several levels. Depending on the power demand every lane is equipped with a shuttle or reduces the number of shuttles accordingly. At the end of a lane ther are lifting devices. These devices are responible for the output of the cartons and/or for level changes of the shuttles. With the modular design of each system component customized solutions can be developed that match best to the customer requirements.

Energy efficiency

Low weight and high load are characteristic of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter® 300 OLS. The speed factor is also important. The StoreBiter®  OLS shines through excellent dynamic range. In relation to the number of the moved containers a shuttle system based on the StoreBiter® OLS is very energy efficient.

Next Generation OLS benefits

  • Next Generation OLS - completely revised and improved
  • Payload of 2 x 50 kg
  • Handling of different container and carton sizes without additional shelves
  • Significantly improved price- /performance ratio
  • Reduced process costs through direct box storage
  • High storage density by multi-deep storage
  • Maintenance concept for a high system availability

Shuttle-System advantages

  • Maximum throughput through parallelization of movements
  • Single- and multi-deep storage
  • Highest variability for customized solutions
  • Maximum energy efficiency with respect to moving containers

Effectively, variable, highly available

Adaptable conveyed goods
, adaptable storage depth

The load handling device of the OLS shuttles allows direct handling of boxes and containers of different sizes without an additional panel. Thus, the storage of different products in the same rack is possible. Thereby the processes of a logistics center are greatly simplified, as for example, the repackaging onto panels and their handling of empties is deleted. The LHD also enables single, double and multi-deep storage, which increases the storage density.


A StoreBiter® 300 OLS stock can be designed highly available. The number of lifters is crucial here. By using more lifts a redundancy can be achieved here, that significantly increases the availability of a shuttle system by comparison to a conventional SRM. The redundancy of the input /output function is issued from the system if more than one shuttle per aisle is used.



The easy maintenance was the focus of the OLS shuttle development. Now, many important parts can be achieved without tools. If one shuttle still have to be replaced, the structure has attachment points for lifting and handholds for easy transport outside of the shelf.


Systems expertise

The OLS StoreBiter® shuttle is embedded into entire systems consisting of shuttle, shelf, vertical conveyors and conveying technology. Depending on the customer requirements GEBHARDT  provides different concepts which are optimized for throughput, storage capacity, flexibility & scalability and price / performance ratio. The planning process is always customized, contact us!

39 OLS guarantee at the Paul Hartmann AG the automated input and output of medical products in an AS/RS


The AS/RS at Hartmann offers a storage capacity of 6.000 storing positions in three aisles each with 13 OLS. The shuttles drive over a length of 44 meters where each level is equipped with one shuttle. The shuttles transport shelf boards with measures of 625x425 mm and cartons of different sizes. The storing process is done double-deep. The storage system can be entered through maintenance accesses and lifts by the maintenance personal. This makes it easy to reach the shuttles in case of a rare error. To guarantee the special quality appointments of medical products the complete rack is covered that no dust can get inside. The pre-zones of each aisle are equipped with a vertical lifts. This lift is responsible for the input and output of the articles. An extensive system of conveyor technology transports the shelf boards and cartons in sequence to the multipick working-stations. The combined usage of the GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 OLS and the conveyor technology grants the Paul Hartmann AG the possibility to optimize their material flow as well as an increase of their throughput.


The StoreBiter® OLS shuttle family integrates perfectly in a goods-to-man order picking. This is particularly advantageous with our picking stations of the SimplePick range. The high performance of a StoreBiter® OLS shuttle storage system is ideal to achieve a high order picking, also sequenced. Our customers appreciate the simple design of the overall system, which enables a smooth operation.

Technical data

Minimum conveyed dimensions (LxWxH)200x150x50mm
Payloadmax. 2 x 50 kg
Operating temperature5-40 degrees (non-condensing)
Speedmax. 2 m/s
Accelerationmax. 1 m/s
Special dimensions and payloadson request


StoreBiter 300 OLS - Type 751.11
• friction gear
• with format adjustment
• load capacity 2 x 50 kg

GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 OLS
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