StoreBiter 300 MLS - Shuttle storage system with effective access

The StoreBiter 300 MLS (Multi-Level-Shuttle) is a highly dynamic shuttle system to serve several storage levels. In a multitude of applications, this shuttle system offers effective access to incoming and outgoing goods according to the "goods to man" principle.

The various load handling devices allow the StoreBiter 300 MLS to handle totes, cartons and trays of up to 50 kg in single or multiple depths and of varying sizes.


The system is based on the rail-mounted StoreBiter 300 MLS, a racking system with lifts, running rails and controls. The shuttle system offers increased storage and retrieval speeds as compared to classic ASRS solutions. The modular construction of the individual aisles provides for flexible expansion of the storage system as required.


The storage system may be a multiaisle warehouse where each aisle may be separated into several modules, dependent on the warehouse height. As required, each StoreBiter 300 MLS can access several warehouse levels. The GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 is suitable for cost-effective storage of many different types of products. The efficient delivery is supported by the automatic provision of containers, trays or boxes for processing per the requisite sequence.


The StoreBiter 300 MLS is produced in the basic version Type 750.03.

Systeam a distributor for computer systems stores efficient and energy saving in its AS/RS with Mulit Level-Shuttles (MLS).

The A-goods of different manufacturers and suppliers of different sizes and packages are transported from nine repacking work-stations into the 64 meter-long MLS storage. The AS/RS which is equipped with five shuttles per aisle can store 20.640 totes of 600 x 400 mm double deep. The system is based on rail mounted MLS shuttles, an AS/RS with vertical lifts as well as a software solution. The released totes are transported by conveyor technology from the AS/RS to on of the four commissioning working-stations. With the decisions of the StoreBiter 300 MLS, Systeam has taken a decision for high qualitative storage technology that has increased their throughput and minimized the energy consumption due to the light weight-construction of the MLS.

Relocate the shuttle vehicle

The MLS Types 750.03 and 750.13 have no aisle-bound installation and thus may be elevated to several levels within the racks. This is particularly beneficial where throughput does not demand a dedicated shuttle in each level of the system.

Data transmission

Data transmission is performed via a data photocell or a shielded WLAN network depending on requirements. The shielded WLAN has a slotted hollow conductor encapsulated by an aluminium profile. This design reduces interference from and to the WLAN from other radio networks and increases functional safety.

Technical features

  • Shuttle with lifting function
  • powerfull 400V drive units
  • several levels reachable

Important data

max. Payload2x55 kg
max. Height5,5m
Lift speed0,8 m/s
Lift acceleration2,0 m/s²
Driving speed3,0 m/s
Driving acceleration1,2 m/s²
Conveyed goodsContainer, boxes, trays and load carriers
Data transferWLAN in a slotted waveguide
Energy transferralWear-resistant SEW-Movitrans system or conductor rail


300 MLS - Type 750.03
• MLS-all wheel drive

GEBHARDT warehouse technology
300 MLS High - Typ 750.13
• MLS-Allrad
• hohe Variante