High dynamics and flexibility with StoreBiter® 500-OLPS

GEBHARDT delivers a pioneering concept in the area of pallet conveyor and storage technology with the  StoreBiter® 500-OLPS pallet shuttle. With this innovation, the shuttle technology already established on the market in container and box conveyor technology is transferred to pallet storage Systems.

Eliminating the need for front-zone conveyors

The pallet shuttle GEBHARDT StoreBiter® 500- OLPS (One Level Pallet Shuttle) combines the abilities of an automated storage and retrieval machine with (optionally) the property of a pallet shuttle or overhead monorail outside of the rack. This way, the new requirements of pallet storage and conveyor technology, such as high dynamics and flexibility, can be met. It will be possible to implement clearly higher throughputs, maximum system flexibility and a high scalability of the overall system through the StoreBiter® 500-OLPS in future.

The flexibility of storage can only be ensured if the devices are able to work autonomously within the storage and adjust to their environment. The new shuttle is not assigned firmly to a rack aisle, as compared to the pallet  ASRS and, in contrast to the conventional pallet shuttles,  does not rely on a mother vehicle, since both items limit flexibility too much. For this reason, the OLPS shuttle moves bidirectionally anywhere in the rack, as well in a front-zone. The new shuttle thus permits many storage concepts, no matter if in cooperation with or without pallet conveyor technology. Storage may take place in single or multiple depth, also in any combinations.

As shown in figure 1, the shuttle can change shelf aisles independently. If the shuttle is unloaded, the device moves within an occupied pallet channel. Thus, the best driving path can be determined and blocking can be avoided. Transverse orientated aisles need only be accessed by loaded shuttles. Vertical conveyors enable shuttles to change level. Several shuttles can act deadlock-free on any level and aisle.

The flexibility also goes all the way to the storage front-zone. The shuttles are able to leave the shelf via vertical conveyors to transport the goods from the storage place to the workplaces in the prezone, either with or without additional conveyor Technology.

Technical features

Dimensions1250 x 990 x 190 mm
Speedup to 2,5 m/s
Rangeapprox. 100m
Payload1400 kg
Storagesingle- & multiple depth storage


  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Throughput is independent of the storage size
  • Front zone designs with the shuttles alone, or with conventional conveyor technology, both possible
  • Optimised light-weight construction
  • High energy efficiency - designed for continuous operation
  • Single- and multiple-depth freely combinable
  • Industrie 4.0 capable

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