GEBHARDT shuttle storage systems

The GEBHARDT Shuttle Platform (GSP) provides the core technology for Gebhardt's range of different shuttle types. The basis of the GEBHARDT Shuttle Platform is a comprehensive intigrated shuttle, control and software concept that can be modularly adjusted for the different versions.

The shuttle system StoreBiter is exceptional due to its optimum use of space and area, its low maintenance and servicing requirements, rapid assembly and low investment and operating costs.

3 variants - from 500g to 1500kg

Distinction is made between the  GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS, GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 OLS and the GEBHARDT StoreBiter 500 unterschieden. 

The shuttle warehouse systems, StoreBiter 300 MLS and OLS, are designed for handling totes, cartons and trays of up to 50 kg. In a multitude of applications, these shuttle systems offer effective access to incoming and outgoing goods according to the "goods to man" principle. The StoreBiter MLS can serve several levels via the integrated lifting function. The StoreBiter OLS, works without the lifting function serving one level.These shuttle types provide a highly dynamic as well as flexible system. The GEBHARDT shuttles can be moved between different shelf levels if the required throughput does not demand full deployment of a shuttle at each level. The level change is performed by vertical conveyors individually adjusted to the customer's requirements. If there is a shuttle on each shelf level, the vertical conveyors are used to deliver and retrieve goods from the shuttle. The GEBHARDT warehouse shuttle StoreBiter 500, has been developed for the handling of pallets, stillages and containers. The StoreBiter 500 can be combined with a storage and retrieval machine or a transfer car and can store as well as remove goods in multiple depths. GEBHARDT shuttle energy-efficiency is relative to required throughput. Leading edge drive technology is selected for each individual customer's application. The energy is supplied via bus bars or ultracaps battery storage. 

System benefits

  • Hardware-independence
  • High throughput
  • System Scaled to suit the desired throughput
  • FEM light-weight construction
  • High energy efficiency
  • Extensive layout flexibility


StoreBiter 300 MLSStoreBiter 300 OLSStoreBiter 500
max. Payload2x50 kg2x50 kg1500 kg
max. Height2 m--
Drive unit speed4,0 m/s2,5 m/s1,5 m/s
Drive unit acceleration2,0 m/s²2,5 m/s²1,0 m/s²
Lifting drive speed1,5 m/s-0,2 m/s
Lifting drive acceleration1,5 m/s²-0,1 m/s²
Conveyed goodsB, T, KB, T, KB, T, P
Power supplyInductive, Conductor lineConductor line, UltracapsConductor line, Ultracaps

B = container, T = Tray, P = Pallet, K = box


GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 MLS
GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 OLS
GEBHARDT pallet shuttle StoreBiter 500-OLPS
GEBHARDT warehouse technology