Pallet storage

GEBHARDT load handling device (LHD) is the partner to the aisle stacker. Rapid and assured access - also to multiple depth shelf compartments - when depositing and removing pallets, trays or containers ensures an optimum process sequence. With three different standard LHD for pallets, it is possible to equip AS/RS according to the task at hand. Variations arise due to requirements pertaining to conveyance goods, load handling device and shelf depths. Alongside the mechanical qualities, spatial requirements, speed and process accuracy are decisive advantages of the GEBHARDT load handling device.


•  Extremely high weights possible
•  Multi-depth storage
•  Various containers (also different sizes)
•  Storing and withdrawing can take place almost simultaneously in the reception
   area through belt drives
•  Relocations can be sped up using belt drives with multiple container positions
•  Angle adjustment of up to 10°



Telescopic fork

  •  Extremely high weights
•  Multi-depth storage

StoreBiter 500


•  High handling capacity of wireless operational satellite vehicle
•  Optimum storage space and area usage
•  Rapid shelf assembly and installation of the passive storage system
•  Economical investment and operating costs
•  Low maintenance and service costs
•  Easy to align with changes in requirements due to modular design
•  Rational, requirements-orientated IT organisation and inventory monitoring




Telescopic fork
Storebiter 500
max. Payload kg
2000   1000 1500
max. speed m/s
1,33/0,66   2,0  1,0
max. accerelation m/s²
 1,0  2,0 1,0
max. accerelation m/s² under load
 0,5 1,5  1,0
Loading equipment
 T, P  B, T, P  T, P
Aisle width from m
1,4  0,80 1,45 

C = Container, T = Tray, P = Pallet, B = Box