GEBHARDT load handling devices - AS/RS partner for assured access-

GEBHARDT warehouse technology is at the centre of action. Precision designed storage and retrieval machines, lifting beams and shuttles require equally well designed load handling devices (LHD). They form the interface with the conveyed goods. The conveyed goods have many different requirements and demand the highest performance from the load handling device.

The speed and acceleration of the ASRS machines is a fundamental requirement to achieve the high throughput of an automatic storage system. The functional safety and short handover times of the load handling device are at least as important. A simple robust construction is therefore required. The LHD are the partners of ASRS machines. They must guarantee quick and safe access to single or multiple-depth conveyed goods. GEBHARDT load handling device can store and retrieve many different types of warehouse goods including for example tote bins, cartons, trays, pallets or even engine blocks. Low space requirements and flexibility are also important benefits. The active multi-gripper in a typical recently completed project can move over 20 different load sizes in multiple depths.

SRM, lifting beam and shuttle can be equipped with one of ten different standard LHD’s as required. The matching LHD is selected according to customer requirements and, if necessary, adjusted individually. Special load handling device for motor blocks or special workpiece carriers are available. From classic telescopic solutions to gripper or tray technology, to complex LHD for sorting containers, GEBHARDT offers a comprehensive and diverse selection of high-tech load handling device.

Technical features

  • High functional safety
  • Flexible, adjustable and usable
  • Low space requirements
  • Fast handover times
  • Decisive for high storage capacity

Areas of use

Shelf with support angle

  • High functional safety
  • Flexible, adjustable and usable
  • Low space requirements
  • Fast handover times
  • Decisive for high storage capacity

Shelf AS/RS

  • Multiform gripper active
  • Multiform gripper passive
  • Parallel gripper technology
  • Swivel gripper technology

Telescopic fork

  • Telescopic fork
  • StoreBiter 500

Technical data

Grip technology Telescope Telescope with belt Extractor MFG passive MFG active Telescopic fork StoreBiter 500
Payload kg 50 500 2x50 300 2x50 2x50 2000 1500
Max. travel m/s 1,25,2,0 2,0 1,0 2,0 2,0 1,33/0,66 1,0
Acceleration m/s² 20 2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0 1,0
Loading equipment B, T B, T, P, K B, T B, T B, T, K B, T, K T, P T, P
Aisele width from mm 950 850 950 950 950 950 1400 1450

C = Container, T = Tray, P = Pallet, B = Box


LAM Greifer - Typ 763.01
• Ausziehtechnik

LAM Teleskop mit Riemenförderer - Typ 764.02
• 2 Riemenförderer

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