GEBHARDT live storage D525 - new prospects for dynamic pallet storage

GEBHARDT produces powered flow rack warehouses for pallets, unit loads and trays up to 1500 kg. The flow rack warehouse of type 525.20 is based on the renowned GEBHARDT pallet accumulation conveyor type 525.20 – which has been synonymous with robust handling and energy efficiency technology for decades.


This system has many benefits. Space is used optimally since the lanes do not need to decline. There is also a low profile construction. The warehouse works according to the first-in first-out principle. This ensures that the goods stored first are also removed from the warehouse first. As compared to the gravity systems, the GEBHARDT flow rack warehouse offers a much higher amount of safety for both the goods and the staff. The system works without a decline; brakes cannot fail; it works without line pressure and guarantees safe removal of the pallets even with damaged running rails. The warehouse has a load side and removal side. This leads to short travel and efficient work. The warehouse also can be expanded virtually without limitation. The flow rack channels can be 10 m or 100 m long. – No decline needs to be considered.

Connection to high-performance pallet conveyor technology

Sorting and supply with ASRS

Supply T-Car, e.g. with pallet lifter



The flow rack warehouse 525.20 offers safety that is only possible with a powered horizontally placed flow rack system of accumulation roller conveyors. This means comprehensive safety for pallets with heavy and light conveyed goods and for the people who operate the warehouse. GEBHARDT accumulation roller conveyors guarantee safe continuous operation as every single roller is powered. The pallets are transported on powered rollers and accumulate automatically with zero line pressure. No "braking" – therefore also no danger that pallets break free and hit the floor with destructive force.

Technical features

  • Horizontally arranged throughput channels - each carrier roller is driven by a toothed wheel chain drive (patent registered).
  • Simultaneous drive of multiple channels due to motor - drive parts such as chains and toothed wheels are protected in a framework profile.
  • Assured even pallet transportation - conveyance speed of 0.2 m/s. Every throughput channel is designed as an accumulating conveyor.
  • Minimal power required, only approx. 5 Watts per pallet - no bunched conveyance.

Examples of application

Chemical industry

  • Driven transient storage with 3 levels and 17.5 m long channels
  • Feeding with a GEBHARDT aisle stacker system
  • Removal with a forklift truck
  • Storage capacity for 504 pallets, each with a weight of 500 kg

Food industry

  • Driven live storage with 2 levels for pallets
  • Top level for stockage, lower for load supply
  • Top: Fully automated feeding by conveyor system, removal by lift truck
  • Lower: Feeding and removal by forklift truck

In the same company there is a second double level live storage system with storage capacity of 1000 pallets and an hourly capacity of 60 pallets. The lower level lies at a height of 2 m. The space beneath is used for stowing the partial pallets and order picking. Feeding the live storage takes place automatically by way of an AS/RS. Removal is carried out by a lift truck.

Beverage industry

Driven live storage for beverage pallets 1000 x 1200 x 1800 mm. Three levels, one on top of the other, 45 m long. Fully automatic in-feeding by an AS/RS system. Withdrawal by a lift truck. ASS withdrawal is planned within the framework of an expansion. Stock updates by a material flow computer with integrated printer and screen provide constant information on the stock levels of 25 beverage types.

Warehouse capacityapprox. 2000 pallets
Conveyance capacity100 pallets/h
Conveyor speed 0.2 m/s
Total drive output10 kW


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