The warehouse holds the capital

In times of globalisation, the use of low energy transport and the efficient storage of goods are of increasing importance. It is essential that the intralogistics industry therefore assumes the responsibility of sustainability and energyefficiency. The demand for high-performance, as well as flexible systems, is no less important. Changing business models in the 21st century are driving factors for this development, specifically because of the progress in information technology.

In the area of distribution logistics, customers are increasing their order frequency whilst the volume of each individual order reduces. Intralogistics systems must meet these requirements with increasing dynamics and automation. Staff must not be neglected in this development, since no logistics centre today works without the contribution of its employees. Therefore the improvement of operator ergonomics is also a main focus. The production logistics must be designed with increasing flexibility and cost effectiveness to ensure international competitiveness. The objective is staying competitive even in high cost countries. State-of-the-art storage systems provide a new level of efficiency that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Parts, products and services must be available when they are needed. Production must have the requisite parts accessible at the assembly station. A retailer should deliver from the warehouse at short notice. GEBHARDT warehouse technology guarantees Just-in-Time delivery capability. Modern conveyor technology and warehouse technology transform simple halls into efficient distribution centres.

Investments in the warehouse in the form of contemporary technology - hardware and software - combined with complete integration into the added value chain ensure the necessary movement and guarantee transparency. Find out more about the modules of automated warehouse technology. GEBHARDT provides the Cheetah in addition to classic storage and retrieval machines and lifting beams. This new ASRS Miniload machine constructed from composite material sets the standards in efficiency, throughput and low energy consumption. The StoreBiter One Level Shuttle (OLS) and Multi Level Shuttle systems (MLS) offer flexible responses to customer requirements in the high throughput areas. GEBHARDT calls the interface between the shuttle and ASRS, "the Dynamic Handover System" (DHS). It has set a new benchmark in the design and development of the classic ASRS solutions. The StoreBiter 500, in contrast, is used for multiple-depth storage of pallets and trays. Other technologies for storage of pallets and heavy goods are, powered dynamic flow rack live storage, pallet storage and retrieval machines and curve-going pallet ASRS. The GEBHARDT load handling devices are fitted to many of the different machines in the GEBHARDT portfolio. Matching software to state-of-the-art, energy-savings technologies are also a focus at GEBHARDT. This comprehensive range of warehouse technology can be tailored to suit individual customer's requirements. 

Warehouse technology from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik has many aspects because the components work together on a multidimensional level. The element that is active in all areas is called Brainware: GEBHARDT warehouse management systems encompass electronic control and material flow computers, integration into the company IT and the SAP interface.

Important criteria in the warehouse are requirements-orientated inventory management and controls, time-optimised output and supply, delivery (goods to man) and the integration of warehouse and information technology. Alignment with the spatial dimensions for example is fulfilled by the modular GEBHARDT design and the variable range. With the GEBHARDT load handling devices, input and output with the storage and retrieval cranes and handover in the high bay storage reception area becomes effortless. Compatibility is a guaranteed basic precondition.

GEBHARDT conveyor and warehouse technology is produced in Germany. The name GEBHARDT stands for, "Quality Made in Germany". As a main contractor or equipment supplier, GEBHARDT offers customised solutions from idea to implementation. Holistic concepts for electronic control and automation are decisive for powerful logistics systems. GEBHARDT systems are used for example in the automotive, chemical, electronic, beverage, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and publishing sectors.

Tradition, quality, experience and consistency are the foundations of the holistic competence of GEBHARDT Fördertechnik in the field of internal material flow, from the receipt of goods through to their dispatch. Automated warehouse technology as the core element is intrinsic to this competence and it ensures that the capital does not remain in the warehouse.


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