GEBHARDT System 300 - a universal talent

When used between incoming and outgoing goods the GEBHARDT conveyor system 300 brings every advantage of a universal talent to bear. The well structured assembly contains all modules required for the configuration of faster material flow routes, for order picking, for sorting systems and for warehouse technology:
Accumulation roller conveyors, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifting and transfer devices.


When producing the modules for the container conveyor technology, great importance is place on a light design and precision for functional assurance. The modular design with various standard widths enables numerous combination options, in order to facilitate a tailored yet flexibly adjustable logistics system. Integrated with intelligent control and data management, precise complete solutions are generated for a broad application spectrum in a wide range of sectors.
A multitude of flexibly utilisable components permit tailored configurations for conveyance goods of up to 80 kg.

Service spectrum

This modular design supports the use of the System 300 in areas such as transportation, order picking and storage:

In the shelf reception zone, packaged goods and containers are fed in and out of the ongoing material flow. With simultaneous in and out-feeding, continuous conveyors form a direct link between multiple transport levels.

Sorting circuits for containers and boxes are optimum components for connecting ASS order picking and sequenced loading preparation. Configured components include roller conveyors, accumulation roller conveyors and belt conveyors as well as diverse converter devices. When out-feeding with a high throughput capacity roller points are used. Efficient order picking is based on many elements. Pick by Light is a document-free order picking system. The order picking workstations are key elements and are ergonomically designed. The operation of the peripheral devices is computer-supported.

The range on offer from GEBHARDT Fördertechnik includes electrical and electronic equipment - hardware and software - conveyor systems, material flow control and warehouse management. Barcode scanners are used for logging and monitoring in various - also omnidirectional - configurations, as is RFID technology. Integration into an inventory control system, e.g. SAP, is naturally also part of the GEBHARDT palette of services.


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