For the final meter – GEBHARDT telescopic belt conveyors

GEBHARDT Conboom® telescopic belt conveyors extend the automated conveyor route through to the loading area and are therefore the "first and last metre" of the internal material flow system. In this way GEBHARDT Fördertechnik creates the connection between transportation logistics and incoming goods with the delivery of packaged goods or between dispatch and the means of transportation with deliveries. System break points are avoided and the ramp personnel are disburdened.


The ramp personnel are able to concentrate on two tasks: Driving the GEBHARDT Conboom® telescopic belt conveyor in and out to the right position at the touch of a button and placing the packaged goods at the time of loading or unloading. The ergonomic design and the large contingent of safety devices, such as the covers on all moving parts, are important factors for high productivity and safety in the workplace. Everything else takes place through system control, due to full integration into the conveyance technology.


Flexible, adaptable access systems are the key to success. Efficient, time and energy saving loading processes simplify the material flow. Integrated systems ensure a seamless transition from transport logistics to internal conveyance technology - in each direction.


The GEBHARDT ConBoom® is integrated directly into the material flow as an extendable belt conveyor. It is installed after the incoming goods or dispatch point on the ramp and accepts the goods from the HGV as an unloading system, which are then fed into the material flow. Installed as conveyance technology between the dispatch and means of transportation, GEBHARDT Conboom® telescopic belt conveyors take care of the majority of the loading work. Thanks to many years of use, this well-developed technology enables seamless execution of the transportation process.

Special characteristics

The GEBHARDT Conboom® telescopic belt conveyor reaches right into the farthest corner and spares personnel unnecessary carrying - quickly and flexibly. The loading bay in the container, semi-trailer or HGV can be up to almost 22 metres in length. The two GEBHARDT ConBoom® lines 081 (double extending) and 082 (triple extending) are each available in three different installation lengths and with three different belt widths. There are therefore nine double and nine triple extendable GEBHARDT ConBoom® telescopic belt conveyors. This choice of modules fulfils every requirement with every conceivable parameter such as ramp length, access to supply technology, transportation vehicle and packaged goods format.



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