SwitchSorter - GEBHARDT's high performance switch

The GEBHARDT SwitchSorter is a modular sorting system, which can be integrated with ease into existing systems. Due to the aligned design of the switch an additional drive is not required.

High performance

Quiet-running and maintenance-friendliness are characteristics that make this sorting technology from GEBHARDT exceptional. A further strength is the efficient sorting capacity that can be attained with the SwitchSorter, with a throughput of 6000 packaged goods sized 600 x 400 mm possible every hour. Due to pneumatic pivoting, the system is able to sorting the conveyance goods to the left and right.


max. conveyance weight in kg60
max. conveyance speed in m/s1,8
Conveyed goodsBoxes, containers, trays, workpiece carriers, etc.
Conveyed goods dimensions in m0,2 x 0,2 bis 1,0 x 0,8


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