GEBHARDT F-RED Sorter - Versatile configuration options

The GEBHARDT F-RED Sorter is a lift table sorter in modular design, which allows an optimal integration into your system through versatile configuration options.

The concept

In the standard configuration, four to eight parallel flat belt strands transport the conveyed material. At the discharge points, the support rollers of a roller lift table or the rollers of a roller switch enable your material to be discharged at an angle of 90° or 30°. Depending on the configuration, this is possible on both sides. Rejection takes place with continuous material flow. The resulting significantly higher throughput rate gives you an advantage over other systems, e.g. those based on lift transfer units.

The positioning of the outgoing tracks is freely configurable and is not subject to a predefined grid. Due to its flexibility, the GEBHARDT F-RED is optimally adaptable to your existing requirements. The flat belt as transport medium does not only guarantee a low-noise and gentle transport of your material to be conveyed, due to the non-slip contact between a flat belt and material to be conveyed, a very high discharge accuracy at the discharge points is achieved. Finally, pronounced ease of maintenance and high energy efficiency round off the characteristic features of this design.

Advantages at a glance

  • Modularity
  • Simple system integration
  • High throughput
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Noise reduction


  • 4, 6 or 8 belts
  • Electrical / pneumatic lifting device (roller lifting table / roller switch)
  • Outward transfer in two directions
  • Discharge angle 30° or 90°
  • Own control possible


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