GEBHARDT SimplePick - High performance work station

SimplePick by GEBHARDT is the answer to the continually increasing requirements on staff and facilities in intralogistics. The solutions are innovative intralogistics automation paired with a strong ergonomic design of workplace and environment. These reduce the employees' effort; at the same time, it is an effective basis for increasing the picking performance.

High throughput, low stress

High delivery performance and flexible adjustment to changing conditions is the core task of internal logistics.  ighly dynamic picking is required to be able to meet the increasing demand in production and trade. The growth of eCommerce, as well as the industrial just-in-time processes, demand high speed in the material flow. This can be achieved through technology that reduces manual work.

The use of the SimplePick modules reduces the error rate, approaching zero and decisively contributes to the safety & well being at the workplace. Design, lighting and low noise levels are as important for focussed work as is the ergonomic placement and individual adjustability of each key element of the system. The more complex the processes, the more important effective design is. Highly dynamic picking can only be implemented efficiently with a high performance workplace. GEBHARDT’s SimplePick is comparable to a sophisticated functional Cockpit. Optimised  for high performance, the technical control of the process promotes effective picking, and reduces stress for the employees due to the ergonomic design.

SimplePick commissioning

Kommissioniert wird bei Unielektro mittels vier ergonomisch gestalteten SimplePick Kommissionierarbeitsplätzen

Dabei kommissionieren die Mitarbeiter von grünen Quellbehältern in rote Auftragsbehälter. Dem Arbeitsplatz werden sequenziert alle Quellbehälter zugeführt, die zu einem Auftrag gehören. Über ein Display wird dem Mitarbeiter angezeigt, wie viele Artikel er dabei von jedem Quellbehälter in die Auftragsbehälter kommissionieren soll. Die Besonderheit des SimplePick ist es, dass zeitgleich Behälter der Maße 600 mm x 400 mm und 400 mm x 300 mm an ein und dem selben Arbeitsplatz bearbeitet werden können. Dieser Umstand erhöht die Flexibilität bei gleichbleibend hoher Kommissionierleistung. Ist der Kommossionierprozess abgeschlossen wird der Vorgang quittiert und ein neuer Auftrag kann bearbeitet werden.

Nachdem Artikel entnommen wurden, gelangen die grünen Quellbehälter, sofern sie noch Artikel enthalten, zurück zum Shuttle Lager. Sind die Quellbehälter jedoch leer, werden sie zum Wareneingang geschickt, wo sie mit neuer Ware befüllt werden. Die roten, fertig kommissionierten Auftragsbehälter, werden über die Fördertechnik zu den Packarbeitsplätzen befördert.

SimplePick Kommissionierarbeitsplatz

Flexible and modular

GEBHARDT's dynamic SimplePick ensures high picking output and short container change times. Peak  erformance is supported by innovative order or container buffering and sequential provision. The detailed function required determines the equipment of the high-performance workplace. Homogeneity and composition of the order, as well as article range, sequence and secondary work influence the layout.


In the SimplePick Cockpit, the different elements of the picking workplace can be individually adjusted to body size. Screens can be rotated and tilted, the keys are recessed and the lighting is optimised. The source and target containers are slightly angled. Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light are incorporated into the design. A stress-free workplace allows a higher level of concentration resulting in greater throughput.

Basic modules

The high-performance pick and pack workplaces use a number of SimplePick basic modules with which the containers are supplied or removed on conveyors. For example, empty containers are supplied from above, source containers usually from below. Depending on version, up to six basic modules are configured together. Integration into the conveyor route with GEBHARDT System 300 is seamless.


The high-performance picking workplace is set up modularly in a way to suit the process required. The number of source bins required, the number of order cartons needed, as well as secondary work functions, determine the version of the SimplePick offered. The required throughput and the ability to work on multiple orders simultaneously are important. The range spans from order picking in a 1:1 relationship to multi-order picking with packing at the workplace. The modular setup, consistent container flow and flexibility of differently sized containers are possible across the range. Separate loops are set up for source and target containers.

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