GEBHARDT roll cage transport

GEBHARDT roll cage transport is an optimally applicable material flow technology in the foodstuffs industry above all.

Optimum use

Based on a dual-strand chain-belt conveyor it is possible to transport one or more roll cages at a time. With an integrated shifting unit it is also possible to drive to multiple channels. Additionally, the individual trolleys can also be transported to higher levels with a vertical conveyor. The transport system can also be used for the combined transportation of roll cages and pallets. The possibilities are limitless.

Component application

It is possible to utilise various components for the optimum transportation, e.g.:

  • Pick-up and delivery stations
  • Belt/chain conveyors
  • Corner convertors
  • Shifting units - Shuttle carriages
  • Lifting systems
  • Roll cages holding areas / Buffer sections
  • Control stations


It is possible to guarantee transportation of up to 200 roll cages per hour via rotating turntables and ongoing lines.


Roller lift conveyors with integrated chain conveyors are used for the right-angled in and out-feeding of the roll cages.

Special characteristics

  • Material flow under refrigeration store conditions
  • In and out-feeding via a lock with chain conveyor and transverse carriage
  • Horizontal and vertical transportation between packaging and goods output - without interruption

Possibility to drive the containers to higher levels with a vertical conveyor

Dual-strand for a better transportation of the conveyors

Transportation of more roll cages at a time

Possibility to drive to multiple channels 


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