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Technological cooperation with our suppliers forms the basis for innovative solutions from GEBHARDT. That is why we work together with the world's leading manufacturers and specialists in the field of robotics. Our customers should profit from this integrative competence. We offer state-of-the-art, tailored robotic solutions.
That means the maximum in flexibility at the lowest cost level.


Palletising robots are the perfect link for incoming deliveries as well as outgoing end products. Nowadays, modern, flexible automation technology without them is inconceivable. The GEBHARDT System 800 offers the latest in robot technology with extensive power and high precision as the link in the warehouse and logistics area, and precisely finishes and equips everything that ultimately goes out to the customer.

Complete solution

Each individual component of this comprehensive 800 System is also available separately and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes. However, GEBHARDT is also able to design the complete performance chain for you from the complete system configuration right to the final little screw, integrate it individually into your processes and ensure that the entire system functions reliably - all the time.


In automation, robotic technology brings with it unbeatable advantages. Through the use of standardised articulated arm mechanisms it is possible to reduce individual project planning efforts to a minimum. This shortens the project planning time, reduces the engineering outlay and saves on assembly costs.


Robots link various work stages and handle or palletise a wide range of products into sorts. They can be individually and easily aligned with a wide range of tasks and integrated into both new and existing systems.


Diverse products can be handled with one and the same robot model through the option of adaptation using a wide range of grabber systems (sack, fork, clamping grabber, etc). Not least, robots are extremely useful due to their huge reliability.

Diversity of variants

The GEBHARDT range of palletising robots comprises five different models. Starting with the smallest of parts right through to complete pallet systems or distribution and sorting from one to another conveyor belt, the right robot model always exists for every task. Meaning that the System 800 in its various configurations always offers a perfect solution.

Range in m2,13,33,33,23,2
Payload in kg50130250400500


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