A TRUE HEAVYWEIGHT – GEBHARDT pallet conveyor technology

The GEBHARDT conveyor system 500 – No load is too heavy: Variable complete program for the transportation and storage of heavy pallets and box pallets.


  • Robust loading and unloading devices for adding to or removing from a conveyor route.


  • Special pallet storage technology with high bay reception area and curved travel aisle stacker automates storage input and output.


  • Conveyance of over 300 pallets per hour via rotating turntables and ongoing lines.
  • Simultaneous chain conveyance of pallets and roller Containers.
  • Supply stations for the directional pallets via accumulation roller conveyors.
  • Stacking stations for pallets by roller conveyors and transverse carriages.

Special characteristics

  • Material flow under refrigeration store conditions.
  • In and out-feeding via a lock, with chain conveyor and transverse carriage.
  • Horizontal and vertical transportation between packaging and goods output - without interruption.


  • Roller lift conveyors with integrated chain conveyors are used for the right-angled in and out- 
    feeding of the pallets.
  • Contour control provides additional operational assurance of the high bay storage system.


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