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With two to eight stops and up to 16 accesses, the individual requirements of innovative intralogistics systems can be successfully fulfilled by the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lift. With this number of stops conveyance heights of up to 22.5 m are possible. The payload is a max. 3000 kg. The single or double wing shaft doors - with or without windows - are produced in accordance with DIN 18090. These doors are approved for fire containment.


The freestanding framework of the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lifts guarantees stability. The compact structure results in minimal spatial requirements, meaning that the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lift can be installed almost anywhere - also retrospectively. Depending on the payload, a floor cavity or loading ramp of just 70 to 110 mm in height is required. These goods lifts in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC are also suitable for use outdoors. The modular system ensures short delivery times and easy installation on site without cutting or welding work.


The safety parts used enable installation above passable spaces. Drop protection, speed limiter and overload protection are natural basic elements. Light barriers in the cage access, protective grills and an emergency call device complete the package. The lifts are operated from outside using call and send controls. 

Diversity of variants

ConVer goods lifts are available in the types 146 / 147 / 148, as well as the small goods lift ConVer 149 . They are planned and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the respective application. The ConVer Configurator is a powerful tool for this. Transit loads and conveyance goods dimensions are taken into account.

ConVer 146 - Goods lift for inside and out

Versatile configuration of the ConVer 146 is possible due to a wide range of easily implemented special solutions generated by varying the modules. It is constructed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and does not require testing by TÜV according to the occupational health and safety ordinance. The prescribed regular tests can be carried out by a specialist during the maintenance works. With the ConVer 146 it is possible to operate between two and eight stops from outside using call and send controls.

ConVer 147 - Goods lift with a "chauffeur"

The GEBHARDT ConVer 147 is a special version of the ConVer 146. With this variant it is possible for a trained employee to accompany the load. Operation inside the cage takes place by way of "dead man's control" using a cab panel with a key switch that deactivates the external control. From outside the ConVer 147 is simply operated in the same way as the 146, using call and send controls. The ConVer 147 is type tested in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Annex VI, by TÜV Munich with the type approval certificate EC-MDR 009-2. It is equipped with a wide range of safety parts. Specific customer safety requirements such as emergency call systems can be integrated.

ConVer 148 - Goods lift for tight spatial conditions

The ConVer 148 is particularly well suited for integration into existing structures, e.g. during refurbishment measures. It offers considerable advantages as a complete internal installation, when fitted in lift shafts or when mounted directly on hall walls. The low shaft head height is particularly useful, as is the option of dispensing with a shaft cavity. The ConVer 148 complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and, as with the ConVer 146, it does not require testing by TÜV. A special variant with weatherproof cladding is available for installation outdoors.

ConVer 149 - Small goods lift uses the tightest of spaces

Small, efficient and space-saving, the small goods lifts such as the ConVer 149 are indispensible when transporting boxes, containers and trolleys in the tightest of spaces. With a maximum lifting height of 12 metres the lift is able to service up to 9 stops. At the touch of a button on the call and send control the requisite material arrives at its destination. The GEBHARDT ConVer 149 is available for payloads of between 25 kg and 500 kg. A stable metal framework structure, in which the facing panels simultaneously serve as reinforcement, delivers the basis for the freestanding lift. A floor cavity is not required because a ramp of just 40 mm suffices. The electromechanical drive is installed in accordance with customer requirements in a space-saving configuration thanks to the low shaft head height.


Detailed information on the individual GEBHARDT ConVer models can be found on our ConVer Configurator. Here you can also configure your individual goods lift and receive an immediate quote accordingly.



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