FlexConveyor - Overview

Plug & Play Conveyors

The concept of the FlexConveyor is very simple: Individual conveyor modules are pushed together by Plug & Play and connected as in a construction hit system. After connection to the power mains, the modules are ready for use at once. From this moment onwards, the material flow is completely controlled by the local FlexConveyor logic. This way, the FlexConveyor – in contrast to the classic conveyor systems set up with conventional PLC controls - does not need the time- and cost-intensive planning and commissioning or can do with a strongly reduced version. This makes it easy to setup a conveyor route.


Smart Conveyors

This is enabled by a smart, linkable control module – the FlexBox, which is integrated into each conveyor element. A simple connection technology ensures the transmission of energy and data between the modules, with the locally working control algorithm of the FlexBox being able to independently recognize the system's topology and plan transport paths. Failure of components is recognized as well and replacement routes are looked for, with the system able to regenerate itself.

Configurable Conveyors

The wish for fast adjustment to frequently changing requirements is taken into consideration in the simple configuration of conveyor systems with the FlexConveyor's technology. An easy to operate configurator enables manufacturers and end customers alike to comfortably make settings for the modules or the conveyor system. Thus, e.g. the passage times can be set in advance as parameters depending on the length of the constructed conveyor at GEBHARDT. On the other hand, the customer can dynamically specify transport routes to, e.g., optimize material flow depending on utilization of workplaces.


GEBHARDT FlexConveyor
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