FlexTechnology - Local control


It is the core of the FlexConveyor and installed in each conveyor module as control component. After connection and linking of the modules, the smart control algorithm results in a completely locally controlled conveyor system. All control functions such as layout generation, route planning, logic or transport processes are only performed by the individual FlexBoxes and communication of the modules with each other.


Communication of the modules with each other takes place via FlexConnect and is based on the standardized connection and communication technology Ethernet. Every FlexBox has four ports to which the directly adjacent modules can be connected. Then they are recognized - even in current operation - and included in completely automatic generation of the topology.



Visualization, monitoring and operation of FlexConveyor systems takes place by flexible, HTML5-based FlexControl configurator. Among others, FlexControl permits display of the current layout of the system, monitoring of module information (including sensor, actor and error conditions), the definition of routes for material flow and specification of distribution for shifts and transfer units. Furthermore, the operating mode of the system can be set. Use of state-of-the-art web technology enables FlexControl to run on almost any system without problems.


The voltage supply of the modules is performed via FlexPower. Each module has a current input and several outputs, with the modules wired in sequence and performed with a simple plug-in system. From a certain size of the conveyor system onwards, several independent circuits can be implemented that supply the modules with power.

Activation box

Each system is equipped with an activation box that serves as an upstream gateway for the operator's mains and ensures voltage supply of the modules. At the same time, the connection box meets all requirements to the emergency stop required in DIN 13850.


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