FlexConveyor - Benefits

Planning optimization

The system benefits are clear: Conveyor systems can be planned more quickly in future since the customer can put together a conveyor system by "Drag & Drop" on his own and only needs to send the finished layout to GEBHARDT anymore. Since the modules come from the standardized construction kit and incompatibilities are already recognized in the planning software, we can decide directly whether the system can be put into practice or where work is still necessary.


Adjustment capacity

A FlexConveyor system can be changed or expanded by the customer in any manner even after commissioning. This is permitted by the plug and play concept underling the system as well as by use of the configurator that permits dynamic changes even in current operation.


Interference compensation

During operation, failures or interferences of modules are recognized and reported automatically. Since the system works locally, all other conveyor modules can still be operated normally in case of interference and the defective module can easily be replaced. This is an important benefit in contrast to classic, central control that usually constitutes a single point of failure and to shut down the entire system in case of failure.


Quality management

We profit from use of the FlexConveyors: Consistent control and wiring permit electrical and mechanical construction, wiring and pre-configuration of all conveyor modules (straight, curve and transfer units) even in the factory in the same manner. In this manner, we can optimize his production runs, warrant continuous quality assurance and finally ensure faster delivery of the conveyor technology to the customer.


Operating concept

Simple handling of the FlexConveyor systems are a benefit since operators and staff can operate such systems with very little training. The configurator deliberately aligned for simplicity and intuitive operation that can run on almost any hardware platform permits direct adjustment to condition changes of the conveyor system and permits system visualization at the control cabinet or the mobile end device at all times.


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