GEBHARDT FlexConveyor - Industry 4.0 Conveyor Technology Construction Kit

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You want flexibility? Get it!

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The GEBHARDT FlexConveyor turns the idea of a completely locally controlled, modular and industry-capable conveyor system into practice. This conveyor system offers real Plug&Play.

Can conveyor technology do without central control?

Yes, if every module is equipped with a dedicated smart control and they are connected by high-performance algorithms. More...

How quickly can layout adjustments be performed with a conveyor technology?

Within minutes! Conveyor modules can easily be replaced or integrated into the system by Plug&Play. More...


The system automatically recognizes the current layout and
offers visualization of the current condition without any further configuration. More...

Benefits of the GEBHARDT FlexConveyor

Which value arise out of the FlexConveyor? More ...

Module construction kits

We offer our customers module construction kits for container and box conveyor technology and pallet conveyor technology. More ...


GEBHARDT FlexConveyor
GEBHARDT - Intelligent Conveyor Systems (ICS)


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