GEBHARDT Favorit Absackblitz

The GEBHARDT Favorit Absackblitz is an automatic recording and sag device for all types of coal. From a adjusting conveyed good the coal is mined into the dump body of the scale. In between is a sieve device connected which separates the coal from slack coal.


  • sag power approx. 150 hundredweights per hour
  • conveyor power on tape approx. 30t per hour


  • conveying and weighing process are automatically controlled
  • material flow stops when adjusted weight is reached
  • entrance voltage 380 V


  • the wedge-shaped holder is pushed by the eletrical driven carriage underneath the conveyed goods. The vibration of the holder brings the coal to flow.


  • the weighed coal tilts independently of the engaged recess in the under-held sack. When the trough tilts back the next delivery process is triggered automatically.


  • green / orange
  • special colours on request

Technical data

overall length4000 mm
overall height1850 mm
overall width900 mm
weight850 kg
operating voltage380 V
connected load3,4 kW
protection15 Amp. inert

1. Wedge-shaped pick-up
2. Charging hopper (special equipment)
3. Material flow regulator
4. Vibrating motor for pick-ups
5. Rubber belt with adjusting conveyor profile
6. Carriage with mit drive motor
7. Slack coal box

8. Drive motor for belt
9. Vibrating motor for sieve
10. Sieve device
11. Scale
12. Tipping trough
13. Control elements

Qualified for the following coal sorts:

Application example


2 FAVORIT-lightweight conveyor belt activities
1 FAVORIT-Absackblitz
1 bag lifter

Handling capacity with a place worker per day 500-800 Ztr. (without extend).

The adjacent drawing shows the diverse use of the devices. An essential prerequisite for an efficient work is stock sagging in conjunction with a premium or chord-wage system.

1) Discharge of waggons of dump

2) Load of trucks via sack lifter

3) Load of trucks from waggon

4) Sag of dump with Absackblitz

5) Sag from waggon with Absackblitz

6) Stockyard for sagged goods

7) Loose load of trucks of dump with Absackblitz and belt


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