Seamless loading and unloading of trucks

The automated truck loading from GEBHARDT provides a seamless connection between the warehouse output and the transportation vehicle and vice versa. The material flow is thereby optimally guaranteed to the final metre.

GEBHARDT technology

Double pallets are transported using special semi-trailers. Chain conveyors are located inside the modified truck loading bay, which are compatible with the fixed GEBHARDT technology installation.
During docking, the articulated lorry is automatically centred in the door area by a mechanical guide. Throughout the loading and unloading process the level is maintained between the truck and stationary conveyor technology. For this purpose the driver creates an electrical connection with the system control.


Once the doors on the semi-trailer have been opened the loading and unloading process is initiated automatically.
After 65 seconds the truck, with a max. 2x10 doubled pallets, is completely unloaded. A contour monitoring system with freespace, running board, length, width and height checking - which functions continuously throughout the process - enables seamless operation, for example with a subsequent automatic high bay warehouse.


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